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Sunday, March 7, 2010


Picture above are before pictures. 

Below are after cut and color.

Pictures of the color and cut taken inside. 

Pictures of the cut and color taken outside. 

We used Redken Shades EQ level 5 with copper and beige tones. The length was cut about 2 inches and bangs trimmed. 

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Rae of Sunshine

This is Rae Ellyn my best friend Molly's mom.

Picture above are the before pictures. 
Rae usually gets permanent hair color but I asked if she would not mind trying Redken's Shades EQ which is a conditioning demi-permanent haircolor. Demi-permanent means it lasts a little longer than a semi. It is "deposit only" which means it does not lift and can only be applied to the same color of the hair to create shine or to color it darker. Another use would be adding tonal colors, but it is not able to make the hair lighter. 

Pictured below are the after pictures.
We decided to go with a cool medium dark brown. Rae said she wanted to avoid orange tones. I thought it looked great, and you can not tell from the pictures because of the sunglasses but it really made her eye color shine. Love you Rae!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Corley's hi-lites, lo-lites, cut, and style

Pictured above are Corley's before pictures. 
She came in the day before and had it cut and styled. I just trimmed the ends taking no length off but by adding long layers and removing bulk from the ends I was able to create a softer look when it is straightened, as well as creating light and clean curls if she were to wear it curly.
 Her hair has a natural wave pattern and by removing bulk and "thinning" it out, the hair is lighter and the curls are formed much easier. 
She also complemented the cut when it is styled straight, she said likes it because "it isn't poofy."

Pictured below are the hi-lite/lo-lite after photo's
I used Kaliedecolors Blue, toning lightener, and Redken Color Fusion 7Gb for the lo-lites. 
For every 2 foils of lite I used 1 foil of the darker color blonde for contrast and natural blending.
 Although the placement was a "partial" hi-lite form, because of her gorgeous thick hair double the amount of foils were used and it became an "all over."

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sisters and Friends

Thanks to our online booking system Sara and Lauren made appointments with me for Hi-Lite/Lo-Lites. They are the sweetest girls!!! Sara has a new baby girl names Stella. She is sooo precious.
I copied this picture from FB. This is at her baby shower. The girls had her try baby food and guess what was in each jar! I think her hair looks really good in this picture and I love the hair ornamentation!

Hi-Lite Maintenance

This is Lauren and her new beautiful baby niece Stella! Lauren has naturally medium blonde, soft, wavy hair. She likes it BLONDE! I have been doing her hi-lites since November. I want to continue putting in bright blondes but work in some darker shades to create a nice warm contrast and give the illusion of depth and thickness. She is one of the sweetest clients too! I am so lucky!

Cute Boy

This is Ashton. I can not take credit for his haircut style, but I can take credit for the maintenance. He came into the salon and I gave him a hair cut. His hair is not styled much in this picture but when it is it is SO cute.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


This is Kari and her fiance Aaron. I usually straighten and condition Kari's hair every weekend. (Michelle did this fabulous color pictured below)
Here is the before.

This is an example of my styling using a flat iron. 

Kari has awesome highlights in the above picture colored by Michelle Moskal. She wanted to keep her hair fun for her wedding and engagement pictures but have it a little darker and more of a timeless style and color.

We chose a light golden brown that looks fabulous with her skin and eye color. We kept the under layer of her hair dark brown to keep it fun, and also create a modern and to this fashion-era contrast.

Below is a picture of the color.

This was before her styling appointment and meant to be a "before picture," however, I forgot to take an after picture!